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Understanding and Working With ADHD Students

Duration: 6 Hours
< 10 Attendees - £900
11 - 20 Attendees - £2040

This day-long workshop for Learning Support Tutors or Mentors in an ADHD Student Support Service aims to improve service delivery, provide practical classroom techniques and develop helpful training delivery interventions to increase successful engagement for students with ADHD. A CPD Certificate will be provided with the course.

Training includes:

  • Presentation of the ADHD student, including:

    • Common ADHD-related learning and behavioral challenges

    • ADHD neurobiological differences and coping responses

    • Significance of ADHD emotional response, thinking style and perception of time

    • Interactions and intersections of ADHD and other learning disabilities and mental health conditions

    • Influence of stigma and misunderstanding of ADHD on self-concept

    • Variations in individual needs and expression

  • Support Worker Awareness and Assessment:

    • When to consider screening for ADHD and screening tools

    • The Diagnostic Interview for ADHD (DIVA)

    • Taking a detailed developmental history

  • ADHD supportive strategies:

    • Interventions to help improve motivation and increase engagement

    • Systems approach to time and information management

    • Organizational strategies to address typical behavioral needs

    • Techniques for problem solving, studying, and attendance issues

    • Practical tools, habits and tricks for students to practice

The session aims to enable your staff to:

  • Gain a new perspective on students with ADHD

  • Understand the link between neurobiology and the unique thought processes in the brain that lead to behaviour and choices identified with ADHD

  • Utilise the knowledge from the session to think creatively when working with individuals with ADHD

Please note, due to current restrictions, this course is being offered in an online forum via pre-recorded materials and a one-day, live video conference.

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