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The real you is within reach.

Counselling & Psychotherapy with Rebecca Champ

Meet Rebecca

Integrative Contemporary Clinical Psychotherapist & Coach

Rebecca Champ is an Integrative Contemporary Clinical Psychotherapist and Coach, and the Executive Director of ADDapt Ability. Her passion is to help individuals with ADHD discover how to design lives they love to live. Combining her training as a coach, counsellor and psychotherapist with her personal experience and understanding of ADHD, Rebecca has developed a process and programmes to connect with your core self, discover your natural talents, and build tools specifically designed to create the life you imagine.

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We will work together to discover:

Better Time Management

Inter-Personal Skills

The Why of ADHD

Emotional Resilience

Personalized Development Plan

Still Hiding the Real You?

You have always felt different, and conventional approaches never really worked for you. You put in a lot of effort, but still aren’t achieving your potential. You’re frustrated by disorganisation and your lack of progression.

You may have been diagnosed with ADHD as a child, or discovered it as an adult, and you recognise the challenges: poor time management, difficulty with focus, strong emotional ups and downs, constant chaos.

You’ve tried the recommended strategies and tools; and you’ve researched ADHD treatments and support. Perhaps you've attended a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) or a psychotherapy ADHD treatment course. But you’ve given up after a few days, because the tools don’t work or don’t seem to stick.

Designed as a general solution, these tools are a basic idea of how to solve the problem. They’re missing a key ingredient – YOU. Trying to change yourself to make them work isn’t getting you anywhere.

Create a New Way of Living

Imagine instead that you are involved in the design process. That your specific lifestyle, needs and abilities are taken into account, creating a plan customized for you. You could experiment with it until you find what works. Simple and reliable, you could trust it to support you, giving you the freedom to concentrate on what is most important.

The world needs what you have to offer. You can absolutely live a vibrant life filled with meaning. You just need to learn how.

Explore creating the right tools and key combinations to unlock your potential. ADHD support is available in Cambridgeshire, or across the UK via Skype.
Let’s connect for your consultation today.
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