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Chris RW

Testimonial January 2019 – Chris RW
Other comments: Working with Rebecca over the past 11 months has been transformational. Although initially wanting to focus on developing workplace strategies and routines, Rebecca's holistic approach has had a profound effect on many aspects of life.

Rebecca's support has enabled me to finally find a planning and organisational system that works for me, is sustainable and enables me to execute and achieve the things I want to in work and wider life. I've discovered calendars (who knew!), time management strategies and ADHD-friendly ways to tackle planning and organisational challenges that I had previously accept were forever out of my control / unobtainable. Simple ideas for managing distraction and channelling focus have helped me to achieve more than I've thought myself capable of in the past. Rebecca's guidance and support has helped me manage a transition from f/t work to setting up my own consulting business, which has given me the control over my own schedule that I've always wanted.

On a personal level, Rebecca's intuitive and empathetic approach has helped me go from being entirely 'in the closet' about my ADHD ( Rebecca was the first other human with ADHD I'd ever spoken to) to feeling confident enough to talk to my friends, family, colleagues and clients about who I am, and how it impacts my life. Seeing how I could harness my ADHD traits has helped me to begin undoing a decade of mental health problems, low esteem and negative self talk. There's a lot of work to do, but the foundations laid working with Rebecca have entirely shifted my self perception and raised my aspirations, and helped me to come to terms and grow to really rather like my ADHD brain ( apart from when it locks me out of the house...).

I cannot recommend enough working with Rebecca, either in person or over Skype ( which was my preference). Thanks Rebecca for your hard work, patience and for helping me achieve a fresh start in my life, and opening up a positive future.

Kristina Staley

Thank you for your support this week – you have been excellent – it can’t be easy to sit on the other end of all our anger and distress and you have remained calm and professional throughout and given us great insights that we have not had before.


I began working with Rebecca shortly after being diagnosed with inattentive-type ADHD at the age of 38 and it's no exaggeration to say that the experience has been life-changing. I began the process feeling disillusioned, frustrated and exhausted after years of failing to live up to my own and others' expectations, and having tried all kinds of self-help books and productivity advice I was deeply dubious that significant change was possible.

I feel very different now, however. Rebecca has helped me to understand what makes the ADHD brain different and how to work with it, not against it, and how to manage my time in a way that actually works for people like me. As a result, not only is life much more manageable and enjoyable (as are my relationships), I have been able to set long-term goals for myself and make progress towards them.

I feel confident, optimistic and the feeling of finally getting somewhere is thrilling.

Jo Hodson

I have been working with Rebecca for around 18 months. She came into my world as I was still reeling with the reality of understanding that I have ADHD, at the age of 35, and the path my life has taken because of it. What initially drew me to working with her instead of other coaches in the field (I had conversations with three others before choosing to work Rebecca) was an immediate sense of connecting with her energy, I could see parts of myself in her, not only the fast paced talking which made me smile inside. I felt understood in way I hadn't with others. It’s been a deep dive, covering more logistical strategies to assist with executive functioning but more than that this has been a journey in accepting myself, the parts that I had been struggling with. During our sessions, having a soundboard and space to share, be heard and questioned and challenged without judgement has been priceless.

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